Pharmaceutical treatment

It is paramount when an alteration in the quality of the hair and the rate of hair loss is observed to immediately consult a specialized Dermatologist. In most cases after a clinical examination by a specialized doctor he/she will be in a position to explain where the exact problem lies and to recommend a solution appropriate for our needs. At the first stage of hair loss it is advisable for the proper pharmaceutical treatment to be administered so as to observe how our body will react to it. In quite many cases the problem of hair loss was faced successfully simply and solely by following a proper treatment and a supplementary treatment so as to rebound to the previous condition.


It is now a fact that science and technology can provide the proper “tools” offering the opportunity to overcome almost any problem that may appear. So, in the recent years nanotechnology combined with biotechnology has enabled us to apply the kinds of radiation in a way and at such frequencies and intensities as to arrive to desirable results. More specifically with the phototherapy method we use infra-red radiation, which through the use of specialized medical equipment of state of the art technology can cause the hair follicles to stimulate so as to produce all the substances responsible for hair growth. Of course, since every case is different phototherapy equipment diversifies not only as to the type of light they produce but also as to the frequency of light chosen each time. The kind of therapy we will recommend to an individual who wishes to augment his/her hair varies from the one we will recommend for the individual who wishes to strengthen the hair and avoid its thinning. It must be noted here that we are not referring to an interventional method but to a therapy that can be undertaken for all ages either solely or combined with other therapies and thus, reach spectacular results.


Mesotherapy is a method which has become widely known for its immediate and impressive results. What is very particular about it is that, although it is very effective it does not require particularly long time and is not considered an interventional method. What most people are unaware of is that mesotherapy is now also applicable on the scalp and in a rather easy and painless way. The method is applied by injecting all the necessary substances for the activation and performance of hair follicles on the scalp. What is important about that therapy is that through this method nutritional elements can infiltrate the layers of the skin, rendering mesotherapy a method of direct and obvious results. Obviously, in this and every other likewise method, the doctor performing the therapy must be experienced.


The PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) is a method used for many years in almost all the fields of medicine. In this method blood is taken from the individual employing a specific procedure and, after it has been enriched with the proper substances and growth factors, it is applied on the scalp. Thus, hair follicles obtain all the substances and nutrients required in order to resume functioning in the right rate. This method is particularly easy and painless but should also be applied by an experienced doctor and medical staff and requires the necessary equipment. A major factor of this Therapy is that it is very safe; the results are exquisite and it can be applied on almost all individuals without restriction.


Derma-Pen is the future of mesotherapy. It is based on the same concept, namely apply substances such as regenerating factors, vitamins and more, to a deeper layer of our complexion so as for them to act in a much better fashion. What makes Derma-Pen different from the classic Mesotherapy, is that it allows application on a greater surface and a better distribution of the injected product. This can become possible with the use of the special equipment which renders the process easy and painless both for the doctor and the patient.  As of course, each case is different the doctor can modify the depth, the rate as well as the angle of the injection for any given case. It is thus, easily understood that we are referring to a process which requires great expertise by the doctor who will apply it in order to take all these parameters into account.

Soft-Laser Therapy

Laser has been applied in medicine with excellent results for quite a number of years. Laser is a type of radiation transmitted at specific intensities and frequencies. By altering the intensity, the frequency or both we are in a position to achieve different results. The transmission of laser as well as how it is transported from its source of origin can affect the result. So, there are quite a few types of Laser. State of the art equipment is used in the Soft-Laser Therapies in order to focus not only on the treatment of hair loss but also to assure the correct functioning of the root of hair in future. At this point it should be mentioned that we are referring to a most safe method applied solely by expert trained staff at the proper sight. Finally, this therapy can be applied to all ages and it is extremely simple, as no particular action needs to be taken before or after the Soft-Laser Therapy.

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