Female Hair Loss


641052We all know what an important role healthy and ample hair play as regards the image of a woman; it is a token of youth, health and beauty. Female Hair loss may be attributed to Hormonal causes, different Ailments of the scalp, Psychological causes, Way of life etc. In addition women exert many hardships on their hair through styling, more than regular washing, overexposure to heat and products that harm the root of the hair as well as interventional methods such as changes in the coloring and waving of the hair. What is a usual occurrence in women is thinning and loss of volume of the hair, while secondly such a condition may lead to a light form of thinning. Intense loss of hair is a rare occurrence and more than often the causes are serious medical problems with the treatment of which the condition of the scalp returns to normal levels in combination with the recommended maintenance treatment of the hair.

Since female hair loss manifests itself quite differently from the male one the causes are also different in most of the cases and the therapies to combat the problem are also diverse. The fact that women who decide to ameliorate the image of their hair manage to do so and in many a case even gain a better image after a Specific treatment than they had prior to the hair loss problem is encouraging. The sooner the individual resorts to treating the problem the more spectacular the results. So, whether a woman wishes to strengthen her hair and augment its volume or to combat a slight form of Hair thinning, an expert team of doctors and medical staff offers customized solutions which respond to the needs of each and every woman, so as for hair to regain the image she wishes for herself.

Female Androgenic Alopecia (FAA) is the commonest cause of hair loss for women as well.  Women pay more attention to the image of their hair and observe any changes on an everyday basis. Women develop a progressive thinning of their hair. The positive fact is that the slow progress of FAA allows women to change their hair style accordingly so as to, up to a point of course, cover the thinning of their hair. The fringe, the ponytail or the bun can camouflage thinning and extensions may form one more option women can use. Regardless of the option of camouflage hair loss is a painful psychological ordeal for women. A 10% of women will manifest hair loss prior to menopause. Premenopausal women after the ages of thirty or forty quite often manifest thinning which is graver at the frontal area of the scalp. As time goes by it develops towards the top of the skull without affecting the parietal or the occipital sectors. The good news is that when thinning is identified it does not regress and remains stable with time at least until menopause. A few women develop wide spread thinning of the scalp. This is more the case for postmenopausal women though it may appear in younger women as well.

Causes of Female Hair Loss

Hormonal disorders (changes in the levels of hormones)

Pregnancy, focusing during nursing period


Ailments of the scalp

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


High fever conditions

Intense emotional aggravation or psychological, physical or postsurgical stress

Rigorous diets, malnutrition (protein, vitamin, mineral and mainly iron deficiency)


Excessive intake of vitamin A

Thyroid malfunction (hypo-hyperthyroid)

Various ailments such as diabetes and dermatic ailments (e.g. Dermatitis, eczema etc)

Chronic ailments

Chemotherapy, radiations

Medical treatments such as antidepressants, anti inflammatory and medicines regulating cholesterol, blood pressure as well as diuretic and thrombolytic treatments.


Autoimmune ailments

External factors such as lack of care, air pollution etc

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